Dedicated in October 2003, the Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education and Environmental Study was funded by Paul and Suzanne Hanifl (Woodstock School Alumni ’63).  It was initially built to extend Woodstock School’s curriculum and to provide a facility and a programme through which students can learn about the Himalaya and develop their skills and knowledge in outdoor education.

It continues to contribute to the sustainable development of the region by transmitting an appreciation and understanding of the Himalayan environment to future leaders. Schools, colleges and universities from around the world visit the Hanifl Centre for a wide variety of different programmes.Read more

To be a world renowned outdoor and environmental education centre that helps in developing responsible citizens by exploring and celebrating the Himalayan environment through physical activity, art, literature, environmental ethics and leadership training.
Who We Are

Our dedicated and professional staff are responsible for directing, coordinating and facilitating outdoor education and environmental study programmes at the Hanifl Centre.

K. Krishnan Kutty

Executive Director

Akshay Shah

Head of Operations & Programmes

Shantanu Pandit

Head of Outreach Programmes

Digambar Lal ‘Titu’

Outdoor Instructor

Tenzin Thokmey

Administrative Assistant

Nathan Rector

Head of Outdoor Education

Renu Oberoi

Asst. Dir. Mountain Festival, 2017

Zoe Fisher


Ramesh Chand & Pawan Kumar

Office Assistants