The Hanifl Centre is a very practical facility designed as a model for environmentally friendly building components: a passive solar space-heating system and an active solar water-heating system. The building accommodates up to 32 adults in bunk beds in the dormitory unit and has four double rooms with attached bathrooms. A spacious conference room, resource library, computer lab, dining room, kitchen and equipment storage room are part of the conveniences provided. Above the main building is the Burgoyne campground with its own kitchen/barbecue area and western toilets. The picturesque Dr R.L. Fleming Nature Trail and the Fairy Glen campground are natural classrooms with easy access to the Hanifl Centre.

Campus information

Location:          1 km away from Woodstock School campus

Area:                  1 acre, amidst thick oak/deodar forest


Dormitory block 

16 beds in east wing (males) Common Bath / toilet area

16 beds in west wing (females) Common Bath / toilet area

Guest rooms: 4 rooms with 2 single beds each. Attached bath/toilet

Kitchen/dining: Large commercial kitchen.  Attached dining room with seating for 60



1 classroom with seating for 50 (with AV capabilities)

1 classroom with seating for 25


Library & Computer Lab

More than 2000 books on Outdoor and Environmental Education

2 computers with high speed internet access. WiFi available on campus


Camping/hiking gear 

Extensive inventory of camping and hiking equipment



¼ acre of flat ground to accommodate 15 tents (50 students)

Common toilets (western style) and bath area


Staff Housing

1 hut made of re-engineered bamboo (from Arunachal Pradesh)

2 rooms with common bath/toilets in the campground



Coordinates: 30°27’7″N 78°6’33″E

Altitude: 7000 ft / 2130 m

Nearest Town: Mussoorie 3 km away

Nearest railhead: Dehradun – 1 hour away

Nearest airport: Jolly Grant – 2 hours away