Activity Week

The primary purpose of Activity Week is to provide a unique learning experience not possible in the daily classroom or school environment. This off-campus week is designed to take students out of their comfort zones and place them in situations likely to promote personal growth and development.  Activity Week is a structured approach to experiential learning and provides our students with exciting learning experiences that are both valuable and memorable.

Allowing students to experience a different context to one they are accustomed to, Activity Week provides a powerful opportunity for learning. The lessons which come from this approach are not just about acquiring new knowledge, skills and information but also bring a deeper level of personal development and understanding.

The principles behind this approach have their origins in the thinking of Kurt Hahn; the founder of Salem School in Germany, Gordonstoun in Scotland, the Outward Bound movement and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. Hahn believed that the skills and confidence to deal with unfamiliar situations can be developed and learned.

Exposure to challenge, in a secure environment and appropriately reflected upon, can awaken a self-belief and resilience which can last a whole life time. It is little wonder that Kurt Hahn used the phrase “Outward Bound” to describe this program – the nautical term used to describe a ship leaving the safety of its harbor when heading for the open seas.

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