An Evening with the Sundew

November 17, 2015
by admin

Ian Fried (UY Science Teacher) takes his class outdoors where, perhaps, the combination of fresh air and keen contemplation inspire some creative moments.  Swati Sidhu, Outdoor Environmental Educator at Hanifl Centre, relives the experience. 


A group of eighteen students from the Environmental Science (Grade 11 & 12) visited the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve. The purpose of this activity was to explore natural environment and spend time outdoors. We observed plants and insects at the reserve, and named them based on their most distinctive characters.

In addition to recording diversity of life-forms, we also observed the myriad shapes, colors, and textures in the natural environment. Students worked in groups and also alone.

IMG_6046-3-300x200-300x200Here are excerpts from some of the creative writing that students did during this activity.

‘Old man’s fern!’, one said and the other scribbled in her clipboard. A fern, short but dense-leaved, stood by the climbing path. Above us, Tibetan prayer flags were reading their messages to the blowing wind on top of the hill. We were wading through a spread of green, sprinkled with purple peacock flowers all around us.

– Post written by Lalitha Krishnan –