Drawn to Moths: Art and Enquiry at the Hanifl Centre

December 7, 2015

Margaret Groff has been walking her art students over to the Hanifl Centre the past few weeks to sketch a collection of moths. These sketches will be accurately enlarged, redone and displayed in school. The spectacular moth collection include some rare specimens that have been put together by Peter Smetacek and his team since 2014 … Continue Reading

You Don't Have To Risk Life and Limb at 8000 Metres

November 30, 2015

Scottish Outdoor Educator John White visited Mussoorie last October, as a guest lecturer at the Mussoorie Writers Mountain Festival- during his time here the Wilderness Education Course students had the privilege to work with him on a wilderness first aid night scenario, as well as getting insights in to the outdoor industry and it means to … Continue Reading

An Evening with the Sundew

November 17, 2015

Ian Fried (UY Science Teacher) takes his class outdoors where, perhaps, the combination of fresh air and keen contemplation inspire some creative moments.  Swati Sidhu, Outdoor Environmental Educator at Hanifl Centre, relives the experience.  A group of eighteen students from the Environmental Science (Grade 11 & 12) visited the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve … Continue Reading

Wilderness First Aid: A Newbie’s Account

October 1, 2015

You’re out in the backcountry, somewhere deep in a bugyal, (alpine meadow) about 5000m above sea level on a Himalayan peak. Blue sky, white clouds, snowcapped peaks and acres of green around you. While you float about in the beauty, your friend stops and starts heaving … Continue Reading