6-Day Nature & Adventure Programme Outdoor Camping for School students

India’s leading institution for outdoor education, the Hanifl Centre is located at an altitude of 7000 ft, is ideally placed to provide a facility through which students and visiting faculty can learn about the Himalaya, develop their skills and knowledge in outdoor and environmental education.


The Centre strives to make the best use of its unique location by providing a variety of educational and environmentally conscious programmes through treks, service projects, organic farming, language classes, etc. The centre also contributes to the sustainable development of the region by engendering an appreciation and understanding of the Himalayan environment in future leaders from around the world.  


This is a more intensive introduction to being in the outdoors and includes sessions on LNT principles, ropes, knots, tent pitching, staying warm & dry, camp cleanliness, exposure to organic farming, and indoor climbing in Woodstock’s gymnasium, compass-based games, longer treks and a cleanup drive. In addition, there are classroom sessions on the geography of the western Himalaya, introduction to flora-fauna, environmental issues affecting this area and films on wildlife conservation.

Course Duration: 6 Days at Hanifl Centre & Woodstock School Campus

Participant Limit: Min 15 - Max 30

The Hanifl Centre is a very well designed campus that offers a safe and healthy learning environment. In addition it provides home comfort for upto 40 students and teachers. The campus has security 24×7 with access to Woodstock School’s Health Centre, ambulance service and nearby Landour Community Hospital.


Some of the outdoor learning experiences for students include:


- Creating awareness of Himalayan Biodiversity.

- Recognizing flora and fauna of this area.

- Learning about the people and culture.

- Learning about mountain agriculture and its challenges.

- Appreciating the beauty of the Himalaya.

- Importance of its conservation, with hands-on work at the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve.

- Learning outdoor living skills.

- Learning climbing skills.

- Teamwork and team building exercises.

- Climate change and its challenges.

- Design and perform labs that could be graded (for IB schools).

- Utilize Jabarkhet Nature Reserve as part of the school Group 4 project (for IB schools).


Module Length: 6 Days

Day 1 - Arrival & welcome at Hanifl Centre; introduction to outdoor living skills; introduction to local geography; camp activities.

DAY 2 - Introduction to flora-fauna, nature walks, organic farming and discussions on conservation.

Day 3 - Indoor climbing and service project.

Day 4 - Day hike with village visit and talk on agriculture.

Day 5 - Indoor climbing and service project

Day 6 - Reflection and programme evaluation.

Field Trips:

- Areas around Hanifl Centre & Woodstock School, Mussoorie

- Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, Mussoorie

- Forests & Villages near Landour, Mussoorie

Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education and Environmental Study is an outreach of Woodstock School - Celebrating over 164 years in the Himalaya. Since its inception, Hanifl Centre has attracted institutions from India and around the world for environmental education and outdoor learning experiences in the Himalaya.

Packing List Ideal for Courses at Hanifl Centre

Mentioned below are the inclusions of the course, along with a broad list of basic items we recommend all participants should carry. You can always create your own packing list based on your personal needs and medical requirements.





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