Digambar Lal ‘Titu’

Outdoor Instructor
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Born and raised in Jabarkhet (a tiny hamlet 500 meters away from Hanifl Centre), Titu is Hanifl Centre’s foremost local expert. He started hiking at the age of 12 and for many years, accompanied Woodstock groups on local hikes, and camping trips. At the age of 20, with many civil construction projects under his belt, he chose to stay focused on the outdoors and was hired as an Instructor by the Hanifl Centre. Titu leads and facilitates treks with students of all ages and supervises and maintains the Centre’s camping gear and equipment. Over the years, he has become a critical resource of local knowledge for Woodstock School’s Outdoor Education program and the Hanifl Centre.

Amongst his achievements are reaching the summit of Kullu Pumori (6553 meters) in 2013 in Himachal Pradesh and the summit of Bandarpoonch (6316 meters) with Woodstock staff in 2011. During his free time, you can spot Titu running on the sloped roads of Landour (he is a regular of the Mussoorie Half Marathon), helping out with local rescues and setting off on solo camping trips. His dream remains to explore mountains outside of India, and to become an expert in mountain search and rescue. He is a budding poet and has read at a few public events in Mussoorie.

Titu has just returned after completing his Outdoor Educator – Mountaineering course at the NOLS Pacific Northwest branch.