Week of Wilderness (WoW) Workshop for Naturalists and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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The objective of the Week of WIlderness course is to provide participants with hands-on knowledge in the field, identification of flora & fauna, nature interpretation, wildlife and conservation issues.


While WoW course is well suited to people who have little or no experience in outdoors or wilderness, It can be especially beneficial to those working in travel companies, educational and outdoor organisations, hospitality industry, offsites-events, relief volunteers and rescue forces, etc.


We believe that one also needs to understand the nuances of being comfortable in nature and thus be prepared. Towards this end, we've included a half day module on "basics of outdoor living". This course also provides participants with an internationally accredited certification in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) with Adult & Child CPR.


On successful completion of the course, participants receive:


- Certificate for Nature Workshop

- Written Course Evaluation

- Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification (2 year validity)

- Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification (2 year validity)

Course Duration: 5 Days at Hanifl Centre & on a Field Expedition

Participant Limit: Min 18 - Max 30

Hanifl Centre, India’s leading institution for outdoor education and environmental study has collaborated with Aerie Backcountry Medicine, USA to conduct Wilderness First Aid Courses (WFA/WAFA/WFR) with Adult & Child Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification in India.


Aerie Backcountry is recognised by the American Outdoor industry and has worked with organisations like WMA and WMI of NOLS in the USA specialising in wilderness medicine and under the guidance of the Wilderness Medical Society, evolved a Scope of Practice (SoP) for the different courses.


Our instructors are professional who have WEMT/ WFR level training with many years of outdoor leadership experience.


Module Length: 45 hours (WFA 16 hrs + CPR 4 hrs)


The natural history segment of the workshop is meant to develop an overall understanding and appreciation of nature through a first-hand interaction and learning. The natural history part will account for about 25 hours, with modules focusing on: -

- Introduction to Himalayan ecology and pertinent conservation issues

- Learning how to identify the flora and fauna around us

- Nature interpretation & understanding the dynamics of nature

- Reading tracks and signs and using field equipment

- Field surveys (estimation of species population using tools like camera traps, quadrats and transects)

- Observation and documentation of species; Maintaining a nature journal and keeping records

- Outdoor Living Skills (LNT principles, hydration & nutrition, footcare, backpack packing, tent pitching, etc.)


This course comprises of a 16-hour Wilderness First Aid (WFA) module and a 4-hour CPR module. About half of the course content is scenario based where participants take turns playing the role of injured / caregiver. Topics are covered with a focus on how to recognize signs and symptoms, first aid treatment and prevention measures to avoid further illness/injury.

Outdoor Field Study:

- Forests around Hanifl Centre & Landour, Mussoorie

- Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, Mussoorie


We limit the group size to 30 in order to make the course effective. Recertification for both WFA & CPR involves undertaking the full course again after two years.

Packing List Ideal for Courses at Hanifl Centre

Mentioned below are the inclusions of the course, along with a broad list of basic items we recommend all participants should carry. You can always create your own packing list based on your personal needs and medical requirements.





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