The Mussoorie Mountain Festival was founded in 2005 by Stephen Alter in conjunction with Mussoorie Writers (hyper link). It was initially established with the aim of celebrating Mussoorie’ s Literary Heritage. It has since redefined itself to become a broader Mountain Festival at the heart of which is a community celebration of Himalayan culture, natural history and exploration.

2017 Festival

In 2017, the Hanifl Centre took on the curation of the Festival under K. Krishnan Kutty and Renu Oberoi (Assistant Director of the Festival). “Conservation” as it relates to the Himalaya was the theme and distinguished authors, photographers, filmmakers, mountaineers and conservationists came together for panel discussions, story sharing and open dialogue on topics related to the theme. Details of the 2017 Festival can be found here

2018 Festival

The 2018 Mussoorie Mountain Festival looks at the culture and heritage of the Himalaya through the prism of ancient Indian aesthetic philosophy - Navarasa, which means Nine Emotions in which Nava signifies nine and Rasa signifies Emotions. The nine rasas of ancient Indian philosophy being: shringara (beauty, love), karuna (compassion), adbhuta (awe, wonderment), shant (peace, equanimity), hasya (laughter, mirth), veer (valour, heroism), bhaya (fear), vibhatsa (disgust) and raudra (anger, fury).

Presentations are arrayed to portray the Navarasa’s through subjects like folklore, life of the intrepid Sherpas, the superhuman effort of mapping the Indian subcontinent, indigenous architecture, conservation efforts in the cold desert town of Leh, traditional drumming from Manipur, traditional medicine, disappearing languages, poetry, Woodstock students' snow camping expedition experiences, the power of roaring Himalayan rivers, arts and crafts, as well as laughter-the best medicine.
This festival has been programmed in collaboration with Art Conservationist, Anupam Sah


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This Festival looks at the Culture and Heritage of the Himalaya through the prism of ancient Indian aesthetic philosophy - Navarasa, meaning Nine Emotions in which Nava signifies nine and Rasa signifies emotions. The Navarasa’s being: shringara (beauty, love), karuna (compassion), adbhuta (awe, wonderment), shant(peace, equanimity), hasya (laughter, mirth), veer (valour, heroism), bhaya(fear), vibhatsa (disgust) and raudra (anger, fury)

4:45 pm - Festival opening at Parker Hall followed by screening of film ‘Land of The Gods’ (Serbia/92 mins/2016). Directed by Goran Paskaljević with Victor Banerjee in the lead role. Followed by a Q & A with Victor Banerjee and Goran Paskaljević.

6.30 pm - Inauguration of exhibition at Lyons Lounge: The Caring Path to conserving Art

6.45 pm – Quad dining room

9.00 am - Welcome: K. Krishnan Kutty, Festival Director

9. 05 am- Opening remarks: Dr. Jonathan Long, Principal Woodstock School

9.15 am- Introduction & presentation of the “Navarasa” theme in context of the Himalaya– Anupam Sah

10.00 am- Felicitation of Pertemba Sherpa

10.15 am- TEA BREAK – Flagpole area

10.45am - Life of a Sherpa - Pertemba Sherpa

11.30am - The Great Arc - mapping the Indian subcontinent– John Keay

12.15 - LUNCH – Quad dining room

2.pm - Handmade Architecture: Living, Learning & Building in the lower Himalayas – Dhruv Chandra Sud

2.45pm - Old Town of Leh: Restoration & Revival – Monisha Ahmed

3.30pm- Traditional Tibetan medicine - Dr. Tenzin Lhanzey

4.15 pm - Tea- Quad dining room / end of Day 2

9.00 am- Sound, music&nada: Making sense of Himalayan drumming – Andrew Alter

9.45am- Vanishing Himalayan languages – Shekhar Pathak

10.30am- Book launch: Submerged Tehri; The Last Poems – A bilingual edition, translated by staff of the Landour Language School

10.45am- TEA BREAK -Flagpole area

11.15am - ZorigChusum – 13 traditional arts from Bhutan: TshewangPeldon

12.00 noon - Live demonstration: First Aid Scenario at Flag Pole area – Hanifl staff

12.45pm - LUNCH – Quad dining room

1.45 pm - The Third Pole: Himalayan glaciers, wetlands and rivers- Stephen Alter

2.30pm - Of Camps and Shooting Boxes: Dehra and Mussoorie – Lokesh Ohri

3.15pm - TEA BREAK - Flagpole area

3.30pm - Snow camping expedition: Presentation by Woodstock Students

4.15 pm - Festival concludes

EXHIBITION in Lyons Lounge

The Caring Path to conserving Art - a curated display explaining the nuances of art conservation through the medium of objects, illustrated text panels, and replicas of artworks that span a period from the Indus Valley Civilization to contemporary times. The exhibition and display are supported by ConservArte: Citi-CSMVS Art Conservation Project.

ChhemetRigzin–(artist from Ladakh)

For Middle School students:   Folk Tales from Sikkim - MinketLepcha

For Middle School students:   The Cloudfarers – Stephen Alter

Do you like to hike, explore the mountains,
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If yes! Then, Join us from March 15th to 17th for Mussoorie Mountain Festival by Hanifl Centre at Woodstock School, Mussoorie

Hanifl Centre Presents

Mussoorie Mountain Festival

15th to 17th March 2018
at Woodstock School

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